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In 1939 with the threat of World War II soon to become a reality the luxury cruise liner, the Queen Mary, is dramatically transformed into a wartime troop transport ship. A British ship captain, James Hawthorne, accepts his wartime assignment on the Queen Mary, and his strong-willed daughter, Kate, passionate about contributing to the war effort, talks her way aboard. A young Boston doctor, Ben Stuart, distraught over a nightclub fire questions his future. In Lithuania, Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese Ambassador sympathetic to the persecution of the Jews places himself in harm’s way to help many escape. Living in Vilna, Lithuania, a Jewish engineer, Jonah Dressler, and his wife, Anna, attempt a harrowing escape from "the pit", but that’s just the beginning of their long and dangerous journey.

These lives are all connected by one voyage of the legendary ship, the Queen Mary. With German U-boats hunting her, a catastrophic collision, a fierce storm and a Nazi bounty of $250,000, this marvelous British ship zig-zags a path through these lives. Will any of them be able to survive the perilous passages that they would not have chosen?

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